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Nightingale Bulletin -  June 2017 

Encounter Assistants are unexpected advantage for Dr. David Coubrey, OBGYN, Ottawa 

PS Suite EMR is a powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly clinical management system that captures, organizes, and displays patient information. One of PS Suite’s key features is the ability to create and customize Encounter Assistants. 

Dr. David McCoubrey, an obstetrician gynaecologist with a large specialist practice doing both obstetrics and surgical gynaecology, recently switched to PS Suite EMR from Nightingale on Demand. One of Dr. Coubrey’s favourite features is the PS Suite Encounter Assistants. This is a powerful note and letter generating tool which records findings and triggers all required follow-up actions and interventions–with the click of a button. Other EMRs require you to click multiple buttons and menus for the same result, taking precious time away from your practice. 

Encounter Assistants improve the productivity and efficiency of general practitioners and specialists by adapting to their workflows and promoting detailed and consistent assessments. In a single step, Encounter Assistants add entries to patient profiles, order investigations, and initiate prescriptions and billing. 

Dr. McCoubrey’s story about switching to PS Suite 

”My practice had been using an EMR since 2007 and we recently migrated to PS Suite from Nightingale. I am pleased we switched. We have enhanced patient care by streamlining processes and providing better documentation with less searching in the EMR itself. 

My colleagues, who are new to EMR, have found a definite bonus in being able to use the simple faxing tool. Now they can direct fax referring MDs through TELUS Health Integrated eFax. 

There are a number of other advantages I had not realized existed before our migration, including:

  • encounter assistants for particular patient encounters. I was able to create these myself and I use them daily 
  • billing super codes, a group of billing codes, to expedite surgical billings
  • custom forms
  • instantaneous health card validation feature
  • easily record with chronological order of items 

Our migration experience was very good. The excellent support staff helped us through the migration including identifying and rectifying a few orphaned charts.” 

Thousands of physicians have successfully converted to a TELUS EMR from other EMRS 

Dr. David McCoubrey is not the only fan of PS Suite, TELUS Health has now converted hundreds of your colleagues. The feedback has been fantastic. One of the key factors of our success is our custom data conversion tool. The data tool accurately transforms Nightingale on Demand patient data into the data structure for PS Suite. This tool makes the conversion extremely accurate, speeds up the process, and minimizes downtime and inconvenience to centres. It is just one reason new PS Suite users are pleasantly surprised at how complete and clean the data is in their new EMR.

Read more customer feedback from satisfied centres who have converted to PS Suite. 

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